The Reaper War is over.  Now, we rebuild…


The Victory Fleet was successful.  The races of the Milky Way managed to put aside (most of) their differences in order to face – and defeat – the Reaper threat once and for all.  Secrets were laid bare, new alliances were made, and some old ones were dissolved.

The balance of power in the Milky Way has changed, likely forever.  Commander Shepard's leadership and heroism in the Reaper War thrust the Human Systems Alliance into the forefront of galactic power, while the isolationism that many call cowardice displayed by the Salarian Union have caused their status to decline.  The Turian Hierarchy, the first non-human faction to join Shepard's cause, have had overwhelming offers of aid in rebuilding and recovering from the massive losses the war cost them, while the Asari have faced political and economic blowback from the revelation that much of their superiority for the last millenium has been founded on hoarded Prothean knowledge kept secret from their allies on the Citadel.

The aid of the Quarians, Krogan, and even the Geth in the Reaper war has earned them all enough respect throughout Citadel Space to earn them each a position on the Citadel Council, bringing its membership to seven races.

Salvage and relief efforts are ongoing throughout the vastness of the galaxy, and the Presidium is awash with arguments between corporate and governmental entities arguing over property rights for thousands of stations, ships, and settlements that were seized, conscripted, leased, or loaned for the war effort.  Lawlessness is rampant in the Outer Systems, with most planetary systems, independent worlds, or even individual settlements taking responsibility for their own sovereign law enforcement.  This, of course, causes plenty of disputes with regards to the right of rule between individuals, governments, and corporations who all hope to recover from the war with as much to call their own as they can manage.

The Citadel Council has extended an offer to all inhabited worlds in Citadel space to make an effort to help enforce the rule of law by dispatching forces from the nearest member government to any independent settlement or the intervention of a SPECTRE upon request, but this offer is viewed with high suspicion by most such entities, who prefer by far to handle such needs on a case by case basis with "independent contractors." This prompted the creation of the [insert cool acronym name like RAC] agency, which acts on a contract-to contract basis to handle extradition, property recovery, fugitive apprehension, and similar tasks, particularly in areas of Citadel space where jurisdiction is a muddy issue.

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